Non NHS Work & Fees

Please put your request in writing and allow 21 days. We require payment at the time of making the request.

With effect from 17 March 2019 The De Parys Group will no longer be providing the following Non NHS Services.

  • Certificates of fitness to work abroad
  • Firearms licence reports or certificates
  • Medicals for non-registered patients
  • Any forms relating to fitness for sport or high risk activities.
  • Private prescriptions for travel
  • Private consultations or private home visits
  • Forms or assessments under The Mental Capacity Act i.e. Power of Attorney, Witness to Wills. (The exception will be a mental capacity assessment for the administration of covert medications)

Whilst we recognise that this may cause some inconvenience we believe this will allow us to concentrate our limited resources on NHS work, therefore providing a better service to our patients overall.

These Non NHS services can be obtained elsewhere from private healthcare providers (i.e. local private hospitals) and solicitors.