Video Consultations and Photographs

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we are now offering consultations by video and telephone. On occasions it is helpful for the clinician to receive a photograph of the affected area to help diagnosis.

Your privacy, dignity and confidentiality are very important to us, and we would like all patients to be aware of our policies for video consultation and photographs. This is a summary:


  • If we invite you to send us a photo to aid diagnosis, we will normally ask you to use a specialist app called AccuRx. We will send you a text message, which you can reply to, and attach your photo.
  • You have the right to decline the invitation to send a photo.
  • If the affected area is an intimate part of your body, please DO NOT send photos. If necessary the clinician will invite you to attend the surgery for examination instead.
  • We cannot be responsible for photos which we do not receive; however once we have received them we will safeguard them in the same way as your clinical record.
  • Be aware that photos will remain on your device (smartphone/camera) unless you delete them
  • If you do send us photos please ensure they are of good enough quality to see the problem you are consulting about. Generally this means you need good light and focus.
  • Photographs will be stored on your electronic medical record, unless you ask us not to (in which case we will delete them)
  • If the patient is a child or young person, they should be asked for permission to take and send a photograph. No intimate areas please.

Video Consultations

Video consultations are a useful alternative to a face to face consultation. If you are invited to a video consultation the clinician will have better information than through a phone call alone.

You will be asked to consent to the video consultation. You have the right to decline. This may not be best for you, for example, if you have hearing impairment, or do not have the necessary equipment (eg a smartphone). In which case the clinician will decide whether a telephone consultation is adequate, or whether you need to be seen face to face.

We do not record the video, however we will make notes in your clinical record in the same way as we would for a face to face or telephone consultation.

If you would like to see the full policies, please contact the practice.